Ocean3.biz Review

Ocean3.biz is an online trading solution which claims to make trading stress free for all the clients.  There are a lot of pictures and narration which might give you the impression that they are a company concerned about the environment and marine animals but that is not the case.  

Their platform is a typical structure and an example of how a scam platform looks like. They claims to generate returns of a staggering 20% per. If you are a veteran trader then you will surely laugh at these kind of vague claims because we all know that it is obviously fake.  

This platform is new in this sector and does not look like they will be operational for long. Read our full review to find out how these fraudsters are tricking everyday people into signing up with them and the ill motives behind this scheme which is bound to get doomed.

ocean3.biz Scam Review

Company and Support

Generally all the firms which handle investors money have to get proper licenses and adhere to strict rules laid down by regulatory authorities depending upon their location.  Ocean3.biz is an ICO which raises funds from a group of people in order to trade stocks and forex.

In return the investors are promised some amount of pure profits along with their starting deposit amount after certain time period agreed by both the parties.  When we did a little digging about this firm we could not find any certificates they are legally obligated to hold.

Since both the FCA and FTC has no information about them they are certainly operating illegally. These con artists also do not care to put up any registration details because they most probably do not have one.  

There is no contact details featured on their platform. The only way to reach the support is through a contact form provided on their website. Do not get disappointed if they do not reply to your queries because they simply do not care.

How does Ocean3.biz Work?

The only narration they have to offer the clients is that they will make their clients earn money through trading the markets.  Apart from this one liner these scammers do not have anything to say.

Stocks and forex have enough volatility and liquidity in them which has the potential to be a reliable revenue stream for you only if you have the skills required to be in that level.  As they have not discussed about their strategy or the indicators they base their decisions on, seems like these so called traders do not have the basic knowledge about the markets.

Other integral aspects of trading like risk diversification, dollar cost averaging is not discussed and their winning rate is not specified so basically there is no data to draw conclusion let alone trust them.

Plans and Returns

This platform has one of the most attractive investment packages ever but sadly they are all fake.  They claim to generate returns of up to 20% daily. If you do the math it adds to a mind blowing figure of 600% daily.  

If they were really achieving these kind of results then they would not be going around the internet asking for other people’s money.  All the income claims are fake narratives used by them to lure you in.

Affiliate Program

This platform solely depends upon the new participants of the scheme for their revenue.  To attract as many people as they possibly can these faceless criminals offer a referral program which has mutual benefits for both the parties.  

The affiliates who drives traffic to their offer gets certain percentage of the total revenue generated by their referrals and clients. Shortly put they will make money guaranteed but you will be the lamb to the slaughter metaphorically.  Commission percentage ranges from 5% to 20%. Promoters are not required to hold any amount in their scheme in order to get paid.

Domain Whereabouts

Below we have listed the details regarding this website with the help of whois.com and alexa.com.

Domain – Ocean3.biz

Registration Date – 14/07/2018

Expiration Date – 14/07/2019

Global Rank – 198,459

Rank in India – 29,172

Majority of the traffic landing to this site are from India, Brazil, Iran, Russia and Venezuela.

Is Ocean3.biz a Scam?

An outrageous Scam,

There is no way any legit investment firm could afford to give the clients so much profits.  This platform is a ponzi scheme which will just keep on matching the deposit amount with withdrawal value and keep some money on top but ultimately when they become unable to find new victims to feed them they will vanish into thin air.  

All the investors funds will get wiped out for sure and it is just a matter of time for them to reach the ultimate stage. By any sort of miracle if these scammers get caught then they will be put to prison for all the things they have done so far.

Ocean3.biz Review Conclusion

Ocean3.biz is not that kind of firm which deserves your money or attention.  They will gobble up your funds whenever the situation turns favorable to them and they will not hesitate to leave you empty handed.

Assuming that they were indeed involved in trading and are apparently successful then why don’t they offer demo accounts or free trials?  It is because they know that they do not have anything of value. Do not fall for any of their fancy traps.

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Have you been scammed by Ocean3.biz?  Feel free to share your opinion with us by leaving a comment.

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