Review is a bogus investment platform which is currently gaining a lot of traction on the internet.  Many HYIP monitoring sites are promoting them aggressively. This firm offers a generous returns of up to 10% per day which are just unsustainable.  

While we went through their website, we found enough factors to label them as a scam.  Before you decide anything about this firm read our complete review to find out why you should not fall for any claims these criminals propagate. Scam Review

License and Support Details

Firms which offer retail clients with any type of investment advice or service are required to follow certain guidelines laid by regulatory authorities. represents an ICO which raises money required for trading capital from general public.

While we were validating their service, we couldn’t find any licenses they must lawfully hold.  We have confirmed through FCA this firm has never been licensed which means they are in direct violation of law.

This firm states that it is a UK based company but rest assured they are not authorized to handle funds.  Despite what they tell you always keep in mind that they are an illegal organisation.

Here are the contact details of this firm:

Address – Aldgate, Botolph Street, London, United Kingdom, EC3A 7DT

How does Work?

This firm is supposedly involved in trading crypto markets.  They claim to be using some autotrading software which according to them yields consistent return.  These faceless crooks further state that they have a diversified portfolio which ensures risk management at all times.  

This narration is too basic and does not instill an ounce of confidence among investors.  We do not know which factors determines the trading bias and there is no assurance about the reliability of the software.  Risk management aspect is also not explained briefly by them, just because they have diversified their investments does not mean they are fail proof.

Returns Promised

Cryptocurrency is the most volatile markets we have ever seen but if you do not know what you are doing in the markets, your account balance will be gone soon.  These scammers promise 10% returns daily which is an obvious lie.

It is not only unethical to assure returns to the investors but also impossible to sustain them.  Take a look at the packages this firm has to offer:


Returns – 4% Daily

Duration – Forever

Min. Deposit – 0.003 BTC


Returns – 6% Daily

Duration – Forever

Min. Deposit – 1.01 BTC


Returns – 8% Daily

Duration – Forever

Min. Deposit – 2.51 BTC


Returns – 10% Daily

Duration – Forever

Min. Deposit – 5.1 BTC

Referral Program

This firm encourages individuals and online marketers to refer people on to their platform as they know that their revenue is dependant upon that.  The affiliates promoting this scheme are paid anywhere between 1% to 5% of the cumulative deposits made by the investor they refer.

On top of the commissions the affiliates also get access to some promotional tools which will help them to effectively monetize their web traffic.  Note that it is not mandatory for the affiliates to be an active investor in order to get their payments.

Domain Insight

According to the data provided by this domain was registered on 01/09/2018 and expires exactly after one year.

A simple search on will reveal that this website has a global rank of 66,222 and it ranks 17,462 in Iran.

The majority of the traffic coming to this website are from Iran, Venezuela, Russia, Brazil and Switzerland.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The minimum spend is $5 and the minimum payout is $0.10.  The payment methods supported by this platform are PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin and advcash.  

We are not aware of any transaction fees applicable on deposits and withdrawals.  The time taken for processing withdrawals is not revealed.

Is Scam or Legit?

A big Scam,

Seriously look at their platform which is nothing but a glorified sales page.  They have nothing of value to offer. These fraudsters feed misleading information and use shady tricks to loot inexperienced investors.  

After seeing their platform thoroughly we can assure you that they are a ponzi scam and in the long run you will lose money.  Offers these scammers feature are hard to resist but always stay realistic. Review Conclusion is an unregulated investment firm which can and will disappear with the investors money and once they do, there is nothing we can do about that.  These type of scammers hide using fake profiles and create convincing narrations to earn your trust.

They will literally do whatever they can to trick you into thinking you can get rich easily but those claims are just a bait to catch your attention.  If you want to earn significant amount of money in trading then please avoid scams like this one and do not treat trading as a hobby.

Do you have any experience with  Feel free to share your opinion by leaving us a comment.

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