DaxRobot Review – Live Trading Results Inside!

DaxRobot (DaxRobot.com) is a new trading software which has been getting a lot of attention on the web lately. When we did a little investigation about them and invested our money, the results were indeed amusing. Moreover, the trading algorithm employed by them is both effective and flexible.
All the advanced traders who have a clear perspective about the way the market works can alter the parameters and it is suitable for beginners to get started with it as they can simply set the things into motion through auto-trading. Read our full review which will give you a clear idea about the way this platform works and how you can ensure maximum effectiveness so, that you can make the most out of it.
DaxRobot Review

Interface and Platform

This platform is a web-based interface which is integrated with TradingView charts. If you are someone who is used to MT4 then chances are you will love this integration. Obviously, certain features like Expert Advisors are not available. On the contrary, there are a ton of customisable options which can transform your trading results.
Moreover, the TradingView charting has many merits and has a lot of in-built features which acts as a huge plus mark. The sheer amount of indicators available on this software combined with the economic calendar feature will make sure that you are always informed about the latest happenings about the markets. However, know that it is better to stay away from the markets whenever there is high impact news about to get released as they usually are accompanied with huge degree of volatility.


The list of benefits offered by this robot is exceptional. For starters, this platform has made it easy for anyone regardless of their experience level to get started with the markets and make consistent returns. If you are unsure of the auto-trading, then guess what? you can make use of the copy-trading feature.
Basically, if there is any trader you would like to mimic. You can make use of the copy trading and whenever the master account opens a trade, those trades will reflect in every subscriber’s account. This software is the perfect epitome of passive income for those of you who cannot spend a lot of time on trading or if you want to take trading as a full time profession, this one will serve as a benchmark for doing so.


One of the prominent things you will notice as soon as you will login is the level of simplicity this platform offers. There is a list of 10 trading bots on their interface. Each of them is unique and requires different starting balance. Some of them are aggressive risk takers and some are outright conservative in their approach.
If you like to take a personal approach, then you can create your own trading bot with custom input parameters and conditions. All of this can be done without having to learn coding. So, the bottom line is that it depends upon your preferance. Always remember as long as you respect the money management aspect, everything else will eventually become profitable.

Deposit and Withdrawals

The minimum deposit required to get started with this software is $250. Minimum trade size is $1, so that you can always take proper care of money management. This platform accepts major debit and credit cards along with e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill. There is no information about the transaction fees and the time taken for processing withdrawals depends upon your withdrawal method, but it is usually around 1 business day.

DaxRobot Review Conclusion

DaxRobot is a remarkable trading tool which deserves a place in the quiver of every trader out there. It is analytical in their approach and provides you the boost you need in the initial days. Considering all the facts discussed so far, it is something you cannot pass upon. If you have already tried them out, leave a comment below. Check out the live trading video below and see the kind of accuracy it embraces.

Link to DaxRobot

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