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Aabb Blood Bank Association Review – Scam Alert

Aabb Blood Bank Association Review - Scam Alert

Scroll through this article to know some facts about a notorious company.

The famous Blood Bank Association of the United States is a scam that is hard to digest. The same thing happened to us when we heard about the Aabb scam.

In today’s article, we will reveal all the information related to Aub and get a more transparent view to eliminate Aabb’s authenticity.

Best wishes! To find out all the information, read this article carefully and finally understand what we ended up with.

Aabb Blood Bank Association Review - Scam Alert

About Aabb scam

Aabb is one of the notorious societies founded in 1947 as the Blood Bank American Association. The association focuses specifically on transfusion therapy, cellular therapy for hematopoietic stem cells.

The association was renamed in 2005 to reflect changes in its scope and activities. According to the information gathered, we found that Aabb recognized all virtual blood banks and that more than 80% of its members came from the hospital transplant service.

However, many users are questioning its authenticity and claiming it is a scam.

So, identify the website authority to find out the answer to this question.

Is it a scam or legal?

After searching and reviewing various platforms, we found some misleading information that could indicate that it is a parent company scam or fake website designed to mislead viewers.

Some platforms state that the association was founded in 1947, while others say it is new. In addition, limited information is available on the Web. The website maintains a high trust score and is secure, but if we want customer feedback, we get positive reviews and negative reviews. The website is secure SSL certified and has high traffic and its domain is 25 years old.

All this information is in a difficult place for us to portray anything about the site as there are no reviews on the website indicating obscenity, other information states that it is a legitimate website.

Therefore, we urge our customers to do comprehensive research about the site before traveling.

Now, I know what the customer said about the website.

Consumer feedback

We found zero reviews that look suspicious because it has been a non-profit organization for 25 years and has zero reviews. Additionally, some links are temporarily unavailable.

Limited information has left us confused about taking any photos, so we urge our customers to have in-depth information before deciding anything.

Final Verdict

Aabb is a non-profit organization that has taken advantage of drug exchange and virtual blood banking. The company was founded in the US in 1947 and later renamed Aabb in 2005 after making changes to its scope and operations.

After getting all the information and being with everyone, it was hard for us to portray it as an Aabbs scam or a valid one.

Therefore, we suggest that our customers focus on all website elements for better decisions.

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