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Any1Pro Review – Any1pro.com Scam Warning

Any1Pro Review - Any1pro.com Scam Warning

Are you under the impression that, if you trade with this dealer, your wishes will come true? Let’s explore the reality of the situation.

Any1pro.com Scam Warning

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Any1Pro License and Regulation

Firstly, we see that the address is in the Dominican Republic on the footer of the company’s website. We reviewed the Financial Services Unit registry, the entity that registers forex traders in the Dominican Republic, but as you can see from the picture below the name of Any1Pro doesn’t seem to be there. This suggests that this broker is not legal.

We found that the administrative rule regarding any conflicts will be the one in St. Vincent and the Grenadines of the controlling Law and Exclusive Courts portion on this broker’s website. This is another offshore region where forex traders are not supervised by the Financial Services Regulator. We now have ample evidence that this broker is non-licensed, and is most definitely a scammer.

If you want to trade with this dealer, it seems like your wishes will not come true. There are many accredited brokers from well-established jurisdictions, on the other side, such as the US, Australia, the EU and the UK, where you can pick the trash. We prefer brokers from these jurisdictions because the protection of funds for consumers is ensured by putting up several mechanisms to help fend off scammers and offer coverage in the event of insolvency by the broker.

The best terms are given, in our view, in the EU and in the UK. First of all, brokers must leap through multiple hurdles in order to be accredited in these jurisdictions. First of all, they must have a startup investment of no less than EUR 730,000, which helps, among other items, to screen off scammers so they’re not going to spend too much money just to appear real. In addition, the funds of consumers are covered since they are held with tier-1 bank establishments in segregated accounts.

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In addition, approved brokers must report their dealings in order to guarantee their agreements are open and they must retain low leverage. But the best thing is that registered brokers subtract money from restitution funds or programmes from which consumers are paid in the event of bankruptcy.

If the broker is FCA-licensed and applies to the local Financial Services Payout Program, up to GBP 85,000 an individual would be refunded to its customers. The payout licenced brokers supervised by CySec will guarantee is not so high, just up to EUR 20,000 per user, but when it comes to refunding traders, it is still not insignificant.

There are no restitution funds or systems in the US and Australia. Regulated forex traders, though, are so well-capitalised (the initial capital in the US is $20 million and AUD 1 million in Australia) that they have ample funds to cover consumers in the event of bankruptcy.

We highly encourage you to perform extensive research and carefully select a licenced dealer that better fits your specific approach.

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Any1Pro Trading Tools

Any1Pro offers shares, forex, metals, indexes, ETFs, minerals, bonds and cryptocurrencies to the retail clients. A web trader is the trading programme provided to its traders. (image below). You can see a menu of trade items on the left-hand page. It displays the forex currency pairs in this situation. You can see the candlestick map of the EUR/USD currency pairs in the middle of the frame with its price variations.

You can see the bid/ask price on the right-hand side and other details, including the pip value, trading rate, required margin, etc. From the EUR/USD bid/ask price, we estimated the spread to be 3 pips. This spread is beyond the 1.5 pips market average which is not advantageous to traders since the trading costs would be large and in the long term they will not be able to generate a profitable profit.

In comparison, the debt is 1:100, which is often big and poses the possibility of significant financial losses for traders. Sadly, this is not the best offering this broker provides. You’ll find that the leverage will go as far as 1:500 if you glance at the company’s gui.

We have already discussed that one of the steps to protect the capital of clients and to minimise risk exposure is the low leverage that must be provided by licenced brokers in the EU and the US. The leverage cannot surpass 1:30 in the EU and 1:50. in the US. In Australia, the last of the possibly the best regimes that still sell unrestricted power to adrenaline seekers, things will improve in the immediate future when a leverage restriction will be placed in March 2021 to equal the one in the EU.

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If you are acquainted with trading sites, you can recognise that a web trader is not the strongest forum and does not have several resources and tools to boost the experience of traders. In the other side, the Rolls-Royces of the exchange sites, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, give so much more. Both platforms are fitted with an outstanding set of trading instruments and software, including an auto trading option, customs script code base, trading signals, an app market and an economic calendar, VPS, etc.

These sites have charting tools that are exceptional and provide a rich variety of chart formats, time frames, colours, or unique models that can be generated by the customer. There are also a range of technical analysis metrics that help to forecast the potential course of exchange rates and make a benefit, such as Fibonacci retracement, Bollinger Bands, moving averages and others.

Trading with a licenced broker who offers one of these platforms is highly recommended.

Any1Pro Deposit and Withdrawal

Silver, Gold, Platinum, VIP and Diamond are the types of trading accounts provided by Any1Pro. The initial minimum deposit balance begins at a colossal $10,000! You can find that it may be as low as $1-5 if you equate this cost with what licenced brokers inquire. The other accounts begin at, respectively, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 and $500,000.

Credit cards, American Express and MIR are the payment options. Not a major option, we’ve got to admit!

The firm imposes a recurring premium of $100 on accounts that stay dormant for 45 days or longer. We would conclude that the inactivity time is too small. Up to 6 months or even 1 year is permitted by certain brokers. The monthly fee is still quite high, in addition to that.

If you withdraw funds by wire transfer, it does not charge costs, as per Any1Pro policy. Withdrawals made by credit card, on the other side, would pay a 3.5 percent charge.

This one even provides bonuses, as many non-licensed brokers do. Bonuses can look enticing to certain traders if they add more funds to trade with. You need to note, though that incentives are not funds from traders but dealers and they come with some situations connected to them that you need to be aware of. Under this scenario, a transaction volume of at least 10% of the bonus sum must be executed whether the trader wishes to exit from the account or from the welcome bonus.

Registered brokers do not give any discounts or other benefits, as we already described, such that they do not interfere with the funds and redemption choices of the customer. So while searching for a broker, please be mindful of this.

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