Helppy-ai pro Review

Helppy-ai pro Review

Olga Shevchenko, the founder of the self-proclaimed Helppy-ai pro(freelancing school) ( offers such a dream to eager participants. However, upon closer examination, it becomes evident that this Helppy-ai pro raises several red flags and should be approached with caution.

Helppy-ai pro Review

Misleading Promises


Helppy-ai pro is the promise of earning 3000+ euros per month with minimal effort and no prior experience. This claim is not only unrealistic but also misleading. Achieving such income levels with artificial intelligence typically requires a deep understanding of machine learning, substantial experience, and access to substantial datasets. 


It is highly improbable that someone with no technical knowledge can achieve these results in just a few lessons.


Helppy-ai pro Review Lack of Transparency


Helppy-ai pro provides minimal information about the actual content that participants will receive. The vague descriptions of the four lessons, such as Understand and eliminate the top 5 fears and I will show you the magic of how a neural network will solve all these tasks for you, lack clarity and specificity. 


It is essential to know what one is signing up for, especially when it comes to paid educational programs.


Dubious Reviews


Helppy-ai pro features video reviews from purported graduates of the program. While these testimonials may seem convincing at first glance, they lack credibility due to the absence of verifiable information about these individuals. 


There are no last names, LinkedIn profiles, or any other means to verify their authenticity. It raises questions about whether these reviews are genuine or possibly fabricated to lure unsuspecting participants.


Helppy-ai pro Review Data Privacy Concerns


The platform requests personal data when participants click on the login button, claiming that the data processing will be in accordance with a privacy policy. However, the workshop’s privacy policy is not readily accessible on the landing page, making it difficult for potential participants to review and understand how their data will be used. 


Transparency in data handling is essential, especially in today’s digital world.


Unsubstantiated Bonuses


The promise of bonuses totaling 720 euros, including 120 euros that can be used for programs and services, sounds enticing. However, the value of these bonuses is unsubstantiated. There is no clear explanation of how these bonuses are calculated or whether they are contingent on specific conditions. Such vague promises should raise skepticism.


Helppy-ai pro Review Conclusion


In conclusion,  Helppy-ai pro may promise substantial earnings and a path to success with neural networks, potential participants should exercise caution. The lack of transparency, vague course descriptions, questionable reviews, and potential data privacy concerns make this platform a risky investment.


 It is essential to conduct thorough research and consider more reputable educational options before committing time and money to such programs. Earning income through artificial intelligence is a complex endeavor that requires genuine expertise and experience, not a quick and easy shortcut promised by this platform.

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