Technoline shop Review

Technoline shop Review

Technoline shop ( to be the best choice for e-cigarette wholesale, but does it live up to the hype? In this review, we will critically examine Technoline shop offerings, including their product range, pricing, quality assurance, and customer service.

Technoline shop Review

Product Range


Technoline shop boasts a diverse product range that includes electronic cigarettes, pod systems, e-liquids, cartridges, evaporators, and filters. While their selection appears extensive, a closer look reveals that they primarily carry products from a single brand, Elfbar. 


This lack of variety may limit options for businesses looking to offer diverse choices to their customers.


Technoline shop Review Pricing


Technoline shop claims to offer competitive prices, but their pricing structure leaves much to be desired. While they advertise e-cigarettes starting from 900 rubles, the majority of their products are priced at 700 rubles. 


Additionally, they require a minimum order of 5000 rubles for wholesale purchases, which could be a barrier for smaller businesses or those looking to test the market with a smaller initial order.


Technoline shop Review Quality Assurance


The platform emphasize the quality of their products, stating that they offer “time-tested products from reliable suppliers.” However, their exclusive focus on a single brand may raise concerns about the variety and quality of alternatives available. 


Moreover, the absence of detailed information on quality control and testing processes leaves customers with no concrete evidence to support these claims.


Customer Service


Technoline shop provides a phone number and operating hours for customer inquiries, there is no mention of other customer support channels such as email or live chat. This limited communication options could be inconvenient for customers with inquiries or issues outside of their specified operating hours.


Customer Reviews


The platform features positive testimonials on their website, but the authenticity of these reviews is questionable as they lack specific details or customer names. Independent reviews from third-party sources are notably absent, making it challenging for potential customers to gauge the actual satisfaction levels of previous buyers.


Technoline shop Review Conclusion


In summary, Technoline shop presents itself as a one-stop-shop for e-cigarette wholesale, but it falls short in several key areas. While they offer a reasonable product range, their exclusive focus on a single brand limits variety. 


The pricing structure and minimum order requirement may deter smaller businesses. Additionally, the lack of detailed quality assurance information and limited customer service options raise concerns about transparency and support.


To make an informed decision, potential customers should thoroughly research alternatives, seek independent reviews, and carefully assess this platform offerings to determine if it aligns with their specific business needs and expectations. 


While the platform may have potential, it currently leaves much to be desired for businesses seeking a comprehensive e-cigarette wholesale solution.


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