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The Calloway Software ( is the latest tool which is designed to take out all the extra work involved in analysis of the underlying asset which makes it a must have tool regardless of your experience or the type of trader you are.

When we did a few checks about this platform , we are happy to report that the factors we found are extremely helpful and profitable. This software mainly focuses on forex and crypto pairs which have both liquidity and enough volatility to take advantage of.

If you want to know more about this service and exactly how it operates then go through our full review which will help you make an informed decision.

Background and Creator

This software is built specifically for the newbie traders and investors in order to make their analysis much easier while preventing them from getting overwhelmed by the too much amount of information. A group of highly skilled trading professional, analysts and statisticians were employed to create the algorithm which proves to be a reliable stream of revenue.

The creator of this firm is a person well respected in the trading world, his name is Brett Calloway. Unlike many scams who employ fake actors, these type of true personalities do not have the urge of getting media attention and they maintain low profile for obvious security and privacy details. However, it is indeed nice to see the level of transparency they uphold.

How does The Calloway Software work ?

This software considers many aspects of trading like input from certain technical indicators, volatility present in the market and risk profiling measure.

The beauty of this platform lies in the way they have made all these things work simultaneously and seamlessly, so you will only get a display of data which exactly tells you what to do and even interesting is the fact that during high impact news release, it does not suggest any positions thereby protecting your capital.

For advanced traders, you can always take a quick glance about current market condition and whenever it co-relates with your own analysis then you know for sure that the probability of the trade going in your favour is high.
Remember you can manually control all the aspects of this algorithm, so if you are someone like me who trades a particular session then rest assured, you can run the application at those hours only and it will not open positions on its own without bringing it to your knowledge.

Educational Center and Additional Features

Every profession has its own set of rules and prerequisites. Thanks to the courtesy of this platform anyone who registers with them will be provided with educational materials like ebooks, video tutorials and much more. These extra perks will help you to sharpen your skills and get in sync with the markets.

This platform is compatible with most of the modern devices like laptop, cellphone, tablet, etc., which has an active internet connection. Regardless of where you are, you can always check the latest news and manage your account. They also have dedicated apps for IOS and Android which make things convenient than ever.

As soon as you register and login to this service, you will find an economic calender provided on the dashboard. It is always good to know the news releases as they will have an impact over the assets. Since it is integrated directly with this software you do not have to jump between tabs or screens to know all the latest happenings.

There is a chatroom feature integrated with their interface which enables traders to share their opinion and get support whenever they want. It is really a nice way of building and community of like minded people. Remember that chatroom is only available for people who register and hold an account with them.

How much can you earn with The Calloway Software?

The amount of pure profits depends upon the initial investment amount but with an average win rate of 75% you can expect to be on the right side of the market on most of the times. If you are a beginner or inexperienced trader then do not take trades on your own instead let software do thee work for you but at all times stick with a solid money management technique because at the end of the day you certainly do not want to loose your entire account value because of one trading session.

Pro tip – If you face 2 loses in a day, then stop trading and start over tomorrow. There will always be ways to make money.

Deposit and Withdrawals

There are a number of regulated brokers who provide forex, crypto and cfd trading services are synced with this software. As always it is great to choose regulated entities as they ensure deeper liquidity and ensure the safety of our funds.

The minimum starting balance is $ 250 and the minimum withdrawal amount depends on the broker you choose but generally it is around $ 25. This platform supports many payment methods like credit/ debit cards, e-wallets and Bank transfers.

Can I trust The Calloway Software ?

Most certainly,

Their promotional video is short and straight forward. The way they have structured their platform is intuitive and very user friendly. They only work with regulated and licensed broker. Their analysis of trades is so apt and reliable that this service might prove to be the must have tool for everyone.

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If at any time you need personal assistance or run into some kind of errors, the support team is available 24/7. So considering all the above discussed factors, this platform is definitely the one you want to start your trading journey with.

The Calloway Software Review conclusion

The Calloway Software is a reputable and reliable service which will generate a consistent amount of profits to the users. They do not promise to make you millions or something insane like that but if you truly want to get started with trading and do not know where to begin then this software will certainly fill that need.

One more thing you should be aware of is that the free access to this software will not last forever and to get started with them you will have to use invites only. Without these invites you will not be able to register with them and access all the tools. Here is a secure link to their website.

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